About Us

Cerved is a leading Information Provider in Italy and one of the major rating agencies in Europe


Cerved helps businesses, banks, institutions and individuals protect themselves from risk and achieve sustainable growth.  Thanks to its unique repository of data and analytics, Cerved provides customers with services, advice and digital platforms to manage risks and sustain data-driven growth. Through Cerved Credit Management Group it helps the system to clear and recover non-performing loans, while through Cerved Rating Agency it offers assessments of creditworthiness, debt issues and ESG ratings.

The Group’s offer covers three separate areas:

  • Risk Intelligence

  • Marketing Intelligence

  • Credit Management


Cerved’s services are based on a unique repository of data, analytics and technologies:

- Data: a vast ecosystem of data connecting businesses, individuals and properties.

- Analytics: algorithms, proprietary scores and ratings, references points for the financial and production system for assessing risks,  from credit to fraud or ESG risks,  and growth opportunities.

- Technologies: a range of state-of-the-art systems that can transform 1.1 PetaByte  of data into information and analytics in real time, maximising safety and useability


Cerved turns data into strategic actions to support business and to help the productive world grow in the short, medium and long term.

In keeping with its business purpose, every day Cerved contributes to increasing market transparency and fostering the Italian system’s sustainable growth, offering a reliable response and innovative, effective, safe and easy-to-implement solutions. 


Cerved’s pledge to the market and the community:

To help the Italian system protect itself from risk and grow sustainably

We accomplish this by putting our data, technology and talents at the service of individuals, businesses, banks and institutions.


Cerved purpose