Business Overview

Cerved Group has been listed in the Milan Stock Exchange last June 24th, 2014.

Cerved Group operates under the "Cerved" brand and is the leading operator in data management, processing and information services industry for commercial, accounting, financial and legal data in Italy. Our products and services enable more than 30 thousands corporate and financial institutions customers to assess the solvency, creditworthiness and financial condition of commercial counterparties or clients to enhance credit risk management, accurately determine marketing strategies and analyze competitive positioning. Moreover, through Cerved Credit Management, Finservice and Recus (today Cerved Credit Collection), Cerved assists its clients in the appraisal and management of non-performing loans and assets and in-bonis exposures.

Our Group has recorded a constant and significant growth in revenues and EBITDA as a result of our focused and careful strategy to strengthen our market presence through the integration of several important operators into the Group, the development of new products and the penetration of new markets in addition to our traditional lines of business.

Over the course of the years we have acquired renowned companies in the industry such as Centrale dei Bilanci, Consit, Databank, Lince, Finservice, Jupiter e Honyvem, and as a result of this integration process, today our Group is able to offer a broad range of products and services to support our corporate clients and financial institutions across all stages of their business activities.


Revenues as of
December 31, 2018
per year invested to update our databases
in 2018


Over the last 40 years, Cerved has compiled a comprehensive database of proprietary credit, accounting, financial and legal information over approximately 15 thousands of corporate and 20 millions of individuals, investing more than 40 Euro million each year to collect updated information from third party databases to which Cerved has access and publicly available data.

In addition, Cerved invests approximately Euro 16 million each year for IT systems to supply our customers with a quick and flawless service.

In 2018 Cerved sustained growth in sales and profitability thanks to Euro 458.1 million of revenues, reaching Euro 208.5 million of Adjusted EBITDA* with a 45.5% margin.

* Adjusted EBITDA 2018 excludes the impact of €5.0m provisions related to the Long Term Incentive Plan