Business Overview

Thanks to a unique asset of data, evaluation models, innovative technological solutions and a team of experts and analysts, Cerved Group every day helps about 30,000 companies, public administrations and financial institutions to manage the opportunities and risks of their business relationships. Cerved Group supports customers in the planning and implementation of commercial and marketing strategies. It is one of the most important independent operators in the evaluation and management of loans - both performing and problematic - and of connected assets, supporting customers in each phase of credit life. Finally, Cerved owns, within the group, one of the most important Rating Agencies in Europe.

The Group operates through 3 Business Units:

  • Risk Management
  • Growth Services
  • Credit Management 

In 2019 Cerved realized Revenues of Euro 520.6 million, reaching Euro 236.6 million of Adjusted EBITDA* with a 45.4% margin.

Adjusted EBITDA excludes the impact of the Performance Share Plan with reference to the plan 2019-2021 and plan 2022- 2024


Revenues as of
December 31, 2019
per year invested to update our databases
in 2019