Established in 1974 as a data processing centre for the Veneto Chambers of Commerce, Cerved grew by continuously innovating its products and developing new businesses.
Thanks to the integration of other established industry players, such as Centrale dei Bilanci, Lince, Databank, Finservice, Honyvem, Consit, Jupiter and Recus, today it is a solid, dynamic company that has been leading the market for over 40 years.

Cerved owns 100% of the share capital of Cerved Rating Agency, the Italian rating agency specialising in the credit rating assessment of non-financial businesses and registered as a European rating agency.

Since 2014 the Group has been listed on the Italian stock exchange through its parent holding company Cerved Information Solutions SpA, when it became one of only a few true ‘public companies’ on the Italian market, with free float accounting for the entire share capital.

In September 2021, Cerved Group SpA joined the ION Group, one of the largest multinational fintech companies, following its successful takeover offer on Cerved’s shares.


Every day the Group continues to gain new skills and develop technologies that further enhance the quality of our data, services and solutions.

+ 40 million Euro of annual investment to enrich and update our database.