ANCIC was established in 1971 and its members are companies gathering, processing, evaluating and judging data concerning economy, finance, credits, property, industry, production, entrepreneurs, professionals of sole proprietorships, companies and private people.

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Cerved is a member of Assirm, the association founded in 1991 that includes the most important Italian companies specialised in marketing researches and surveys. Assirm’s members are due to follow the Assirm ethical code and be compliant to its quality regulations.

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Cerved is member of the international circuit Bignet, the most important international network for the exchange of commercial information about the enterprises.

DAMA Italy

The Italian sector of International Data Management Association 

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Cerved is member of the European Committee of Central Balance-Sheet Data Offices, an informal body founded in 1987 whose members are the European Commission, Central Banks, National Institutes of Statistics and independent organizations (IASB, ECB, Eurostat). Among the statutory activities there are the exchange and comparison of information, the management of databanks with internal or external goals, the in-depth analysis of topics concerning risk and economic-financial analysis.

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Cerved is member of Federation of Business Information Services, the biggest European federation of Business Information companies.

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Cerved is member of OIC, (Organismo Italiano di Contabilità - Italian Accountancy Organization), which is a foundation registered on 27th November 2001 and is the national standard setter with a wide representative power, able to voice national opinions on accounting matters.
OIC issues the accounting standards to draw up balance sheets, participates in the development of international accounting standards, supports the legislator in issuing regulations on accounting and related matters, promotes the accounting culture.

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Cerved is member of Xbrl Italia, the Italian no-profit Association for the development and diffusion of taxonomies and technological standards in the economic-financial sector.

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