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Slate of candidates submitted by the outgoing Board of Directors and declaration by Gianandrea De Bernardis to accept relevant executive powers but not to confirm his role as CEO

Milan, 25 March 2016 – Today the Board of Directors of Cerved Information Solutions S.p.A. (the “Company”) resolved to submit to the Shareholders’ Meeting its own slate of candidates to renew the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors, which shared the motivations upon which the profiling activity is based, as well as the methodology and the outcome of the selection activity pursued by the Remuneration and Nominations Committee, resolved to approve the slate proposed by the said Committee which indicates the following candidates:

1. Fabio Cerchiai
2. Gianandrea Edoardo De Bernardis
3. Marco Nespolo
4. Roberto Mancini
5. Andrea Mignanelli
6. Sabrina Delle Curti
7. Aurelio Regina
8. Mara Anna Rita Caverni
9. Giulia Bongiorno
10. Arabella Caporello
11. Simona Pesce

In order to provide transparent and complete information, it is highlighted that during the course of the board meeting Mr. Gianandrea De Bernardis, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company and candidate in the slate presented by the outgoing Board of Directors, declared his unwillingness to accept, if elected, the role of CEO for another mandate. It is also highlighted that the Remuneration and Nominations Committee and the outgoing Board of Directors reached the conclusion that among the members of the senior management team - whose names are included in the slate approved by the Board of Directors and which are coherent with the path of professional growth which Mr De Bernardis launched and managed in recent years – it is possible to identify the profile of the individual who possesses all the qualities and characteristics needed to carry out the role of CEO. In the event that Mr. De Bernardis is elected as board member, he has declared his availability to take up executive powers, also of relevant nature, in order to ensure continuity and to pro-actively support the challenges to be faced by the new CEO.