Press release

The Board of Directors resolves the integration of the agenda of the extraordinary and ordinary shareholders' meeting of 25 november 2021

San Donato Milanese, 8 November 2021 - Cerved Group S.p.A. (MTA: CERV) (the "Company" or "Cerved Group"), primary operator in Italy in credit risk analysis and credit management, following the press release dated 21 October 2021, announces that the Board of Directors of Cerved Group, held today, following the request submitted by the shareholders Maven Investment Partners Ltd. and Berry Street Capital Management LLP, in their capacity as shareholders or investment managers of respectively n. 4,074,531 ordinary shares and n. 1,615,100 ordinary shares, representing in aggregate a stake equal to 2.91%, of the Company's share capital and after having assessed prerequisites provided for under applicable law, has integrated the Agenda of the Shareholders' Meeting already called for November 25, 2021 (in single call and with intervention permitted exclusively through the Designated Representative), with the inclusion of the following item on the Agenda:
“Distribution to the Shareholders of an extraordinary dividend of Euro 0.50 (fifty cents) for each outstanding share. The dividend in question may be paid as an extraordinary dividend based on the available reserves and/or the profit resulting from the latest approved financial statements or based on the available reserves and/or the profit resulting from the approval of the financial statements at 31 December 2021, in which case it is to be recognized and paid out following the approval of said financial statements.”
The Board of Directors of the Company has not considered acceptable the further request for integration of the Agenda of the meeting presented by the same subjects (relating to the revocation of the call of the extraordinary meeting for 11 February 2022, in single call, to resolve on the merger by incorporation of Cerved Group into Castor Bidco S.p.A). The refusal to accept this request derives from the fact that the revocation of the meeting is a matter of competence of the Board and not of the Shareholders' Meeting.