Press release

Publication of slate of candidates for the renewal of the BoD filed by a group of institutional investors

San Donato Milanese, 22 March 2019 – Cerved Group S.p.A. (“Cerved” or the “Company”) announces that the shareholders

 Amundi Asset Management SgrpA: Amundi Dividendo Italia, Amundi Valore Italia Pir, Amundi Risparmio Italia, Amundi Sviluppo Italia, Amundi Funds II - European Research, Amundi Italia Azionario Europa and Amundi Accumulazione Italia PIR 2023;
 Anima SGR S.p.A.: Anima Crescita Italia and Anima Iniziativa Italia;
 Arca Fondi S.G.R. S.p.A.: Arca Economia Reale Bilanciato Italia 30 and Fondo Arca Azioni Italia;
 Eurizon Capital SGR S.p.A.: Eurizon Progetto Italia 20, Eurizon Pir Italia 30, Eurizon Progetto Italia 40, Eurizon Progetto Italia 70, Eurizon Azioni Italia, Eurizon PIR Italia Azioni and Eurizon Azioni Pmi Italia: Eurizon Capital S.A.: Eurizon Fund - Equity Equity Small Mid Cap Italy, Eurizon Fund - Equity Italy e Eurizon Fund - Equity Italy Smart Volatility;
 Fidelity Funds - Funds SICAV;
 Fideuram Asset Management (Ireland) - Fonditalia Equity Italy;
 Fideuram Investimenti SGR S.p.A.: Fideuram Italia, PIR Piano Azioni Italia, PIR Piano Bilanciato Italia 50 and PIR Piano Bilanciato Italia 30;
 Interfund Sicav - Interfund Equity Italy;
 Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A.: GSmart PIR Evoluzione Italia and GSmart PIR Valore Italia;
 Mediolanum Gestione Fondi SGR S.p.A.: Mediolanum Flessibile Futuro Italia and Mediolanum Flessibile Sviluppo Italia;
 Mediolanum International Funds Limited – Challenge Funds – Challenge Italian Equity;
 Pramerica SGR S.p.A.,

owners of no. 14.666.653 shares of the Company, equal to 7,51% of the share capital, on 21 March 2019 submitted the following list of candidates to renew the Board of Directors:

1. Marco Maria Fumagalli
2. Valentina Montanari
3. Silvia Stefini