"We have a clear vision of our strategic path:

To help the Italian system protect itself from risk and grow sustainably, by putting our data, technology and talents at the service of businesses, banks and institutions”.

CEO Andrea Mignanelli


Over the next few years, banks, businesses and institutions will have to bridge the dual transition, digital and sustainable, to get Italy firmly back on the growth path. Mindful of our nearly half-century role as a key mechanism in the financial and economic system, we commit to continuing to develop our strong points: Data, Analytics and Technologies.

Over the next few years the Group strategy will seek to strengthen its core business and at the same time make a name for itself in emerging markets (e.g., non-credit risks, market & sales intelligence, etc.) building on its DAT assets  - Data, Analytics and Technology.


Our unique Data Ecosystem on Italian companies, individuals and real estate assets



These are the strategic guidelines:

  • Developing its offer towards digital and platform-based solutions to maximise efficient and rapid integration with our customers
  • Expanding our customer base towards small and medium enterprises with dedicated products and innovative distribution models
  • Selective acquisitions to strengthen the Group’s positioning in scalable high-growth businesses, operating in Italy and Europe


To support Italy’s digital and sustainable transition, as reference Data Company Cerved has redefined two of its traditional markets:

From Credit Information to Risk Intelligence: to help our customers protect themselves not only from credit risks but also, thanks to our DAT assets, to assist them in assessing other risks, such as money-laundering, fraud and compliance risks. With Cerved Rating Agency’s prestige, we can boost the system’s transparency to facilitate better allocation of capital among investors, banks and businesses, where sustainability is increasingly prioritised.

From Marketing Solutions to Marketing Intelligence: to provide data-driven support to the development and digitalisation of every phase in the marketing of businesses  - from the need to know the market, to the identification of prospects and lead generation – offering the full power of its data and analytics.

In Credit management, Cerved intends to capitalise on its experience to help the financial system quickly clear the flows of non-performing loans expected as a consequence of the pandemic crisis. The offer, addressed to businesses and banks, includes legal services for managing impaired or disputed loans, divestment of assets securing loans and securitisation transactions.


Expansion into new markets

Many small and medium enterprises find it difficult to access the sophisticated data-driven solutions designed for large or very large customers. By expanding a considerable part of our offer to this segment, we aim to bridge this gap by refreshing our distribution model and using platforms and products dedicated to micro and small enterprises, directly adapted from the distinctive solutions designed for large companies. In this way, we intend to play an active role in Italy’s digitalisation, while at the same time benefitting from the technological evolution of a significant number of small companies.

Selective acquisitions

The Group intends to embark on a new season of acquisitions based on specific criteria such as product scalability and use of distinctive data and technologies to facilitate the ongoing renewal of the factors behind its competitive advantage. Obviously we will also look beyond Italy, to lay the groundwork for allowing us to bring our highest performance solutions to Europe.


This is the path that we are building day after day, with an ambitious project and a plan to make it happen.