What makes us different

Grow your talents with us

We’re looking for people who are innovative, with inquisitive minds to generate new ideas and a desire to contribute to Cerved’s success with professionalism and passion. Empathy and resilience are essential elements in the skillset possessed by the 2,700-plus people who work with us in Italy, Romania, Greece and Switzerland. We invest in selecting, developing and nurturing talents so that people can express themselves in the best ways possible, in an environment where everyone works as a team.


 For us, a selection process entails an exchange of knowledge. Every interview is a chance to transmit our DNA, to convey what makes us distinct and to establish a setting that enables everyone to show their true value. Our goal is to offer a positive candidate experience where we accompany you through each step of the process, from the initial contact to the job offer or final feedback.

Internship opportunities

 For internship positions, the selection process takes place through an Assessment Day, during which the candidates participate in group dynamics activities, evincing their relational and reasoning skills. To ensure that we accurately evaluate each participant’s abilities, irrespective of differences in academic backgrounds, CVs are not shown in advance to line managers, who instead concentrate their undivided attention on team interactions. On the same day, each candidate is also given an individual interview, to learn more about their career paths, motivation and any aspects that emerged during the group dynamics exercises. All participants then receive constructive feedback, so that everyone can take away useful indications for professional growth. 

Experienced positions

 Candidates who potentially match the description of the role are invited in for one or more interviews – general and/or skills-based – with Human Resources staff and line managers. In these interviews, a crucial aspect for us is understanding how the candidate can fit into the work environment, to ensure that we can make the most of each person’s abilities and that everyone we hire can make a difference to our business.


 People who begin working with us find a welcoming atmosphere and have the opportunity to partake in an onboarding process designed to support them in those first few months on the job and to help them expand their networks and their knowledge of Cerved’s culture.

Training and Development

 Training and developing our talent constitutes an investment that generates value for both the organization and the people who are part of it. With this in mind, Cerved provides targeted training and development programmes to enhance and add value to each worker’s abilities, to expand and deepen technical skills, learn about emerging trends, and to be able to handle ever broader and more complex scenarios and processes.

The three pillars of Cerved’s training courses

Managerial Skills: activities aiming to hone fundamental managerial skills, in order to build high-performing teams

Professional Skills e Compliance: training focusing on developing the technical and professional skills required for each role, including constant refreshers and updates on technology and techniques

Well-being: informative and prevention-based initiatives to promote the well-being of all individuals within the Group

People Development

We consider people development initiatives as strategically important. As a company, we strive to create and sustain an environment that encourages a culture of continuous learning and feedback in order to foster internal growth, through approaches such as individual development plans and team coaching sessions.