What We Do

Cerved offers the most extensive, complete range of information products and services for financial institutions, corporations, insurance companies, public administrations, professionals and private customers.

Our databases offer a wealth of information, unique in Italy in terms of quality, completeness and historic depth. This depth illustrates the trends of phenomena over time and tells the story of businesses, groups and individuals.

Every year more than 30 thousand customers rely upon Cerved to assess solvency and credit ratings, monitor and manage credit risk through all its phases, accurately define marketing strategies and manage non-performing loans.

Cerved responds to the needs of credit managers, financial directors, marketing managers, purchasing managers, sales managers and professionals through a wide range of services and products divided into three business areas:

Risk Management

Cerved helps its customers to protect themselves against credit risk, providing data and information to assess the economic and financial profile and the reliability of businesses and individuals, and assess the risk level of the entire credit portfolio. It also supports customers in defining assessment models and decision-making systems with integrated, smart solutions developed in over 40 years of service in the world of banking.

Growth Services

Searching for new customers and partners, conducting competition analysis, improving performance and increasing awareness of its customer base. Growth Services offers an extensive, in-depth range of services available in real time online, along with customised design solutions providing the most effective commercial strategies and business growth opportunities.

Credit Management

Through its subsidiaries, Cerved is the leading independent market player, offering assessments based on certified information and quantitative data. The services integrate specialist skills in different areas - from credit assessment to credit management in and out of court and to the remarketing of securities and property. Cerved helps to identify the most effective solutions throughout the entire credit lifecycle so as to take rapid, professional action and reduce cash flow normalisation times.

The Research Department

Leveraging Cerved’s enormous collection of information, the Research Department conducts economic analysis and research to offer  a snapshot of the Italian business and economic system from a unique, privileged observation point.

Cerved SMEs Report

The wealth of data gathered and its analysis of the world of SMEs make this a unique tool. It analyses the economic and financial health of 150,000 small to medium enterprises, with in-depth studies by sector and company size.

Monitor of Bankruptcies, Insolvency Proceedings and Business Closures

Provides a snapshot of the trends of bankruptcies and other insolvency proceedings, distinguishing between industries, geographic areas and company size.

Monitor of Accounts:

An overview of the Italian System through periodic analysis of financial statements filed by Italian companies.

CeGRI (Cerved Group Risk Index)

The summary index that every six months provides a forecast of the average risk of insolvency of Italian companies, over time, by sector and by the various areas of the country.

Monitor of Company Payments and Non-Payment Protests

Through official data on protests and through Payline, the Cerved database on payment practices of over 2 million businesses, the report acts as an updated, reliable thermometer of liquidity trends of Italian companies.


Cerved Know is the new web platform that hosts all our information and know-how resources.