What We Do

The Group’s offer combines vision, methods and projects constantly in line with market developments and covers three separate areas of activity:



Risk Intelligence

We keep a close eye on credit dynamics so that we can offer a practical approach to safeguarding against any type of risk. We give access to data and information that will help assess the economic and financial aspects and the reliability of business relations. We anticipate market trends, drawing up forecasts to steer choices and actions, curtailing non-payments, fraud and credit risk. We know all about the economic life cycle of Italian companies. We protect our customers’ business, while also thinking about how to develop it, identifying and obtaining the most attractive funding arrangements to ensure healthy and sustainable growth.

Through Cerved Rating Agency we use assessments and ratings to evaluate the credit worthiness and sustainability (ESG) of businesses. The agency issues and monitors public and private ratings at the request of the assessed entities or of third parties.

Marketing Intelligence

We work with companies, banks and financial institutions to plan and create effective sales and marketing strategies to meet our customers’ business targets. We offer a wide and deep range of on- and off-line services. Drawing on our wealth of information we extrapolate all the data required, backed up by exclusive analyses and enhanced by scientific algorithms. We apply consolidated strategies, designing tailor-made digital marketing and lead generation solutions. We provide sector research reports and training courses to help gain new skills and a fresh strategic vision.

Credit Management

Cerved Credit Management Group is an independent organisation offering a full range of services for assessing and managing loan portfolios, on both the primary and secondary market. The Group uses state-of-the art tools, methods and technologies and Cerved data to assess, define recovery strategies and manage every type of credit. With Cerved Master Services we take care of all the activities associated with loan securitisations and, through our specialised structures, remarket the underlying collateral (whether real estate or movable property). By counting on us, you are assured effective actions and a considerable reduction in investment recovery times.