Cerved has adopted a Procedure for receiving information (either anonymous or by a named individual) about alleged violations (“Whistleblowing Procedure”) of the Group's Code of Ethics, the Model 231, anti-money laundering legislation and / or other violations indicated within the Whistleblowing Procedure.

All the legal representatives, directors, managers and employees of Cerved ("Cerved People") and all other third parties who interact with Cerved are invited to report any breach relevant to the Whistleblowing Procedure.

Anonymity guarantee

Any retaliatory or discriminatory acts, either direct or indirect, against the whistleblower for any reason connected directly or indirectly to the report are forbidden.

Cerved guarantees the confidentiality of the whistleblower identity and of the information contained in the reports at each stage of the reporting process. The subjects reported are protected as regards both the confidentiality of the reports concerning them and any investigations carried out, both to protect them from any form of retaliation.

Whistleblowing channels

The reports must be sent via the whistleblowing web portal through this link

To access the whistleblowing web portal it is necessary to enter the access code:
    • Cerved People: keycerved18
    • Other Third Parties: keyesterni18

Both Cerved People and the Third Party Access Code are equal - respectively - for all Cerved People and for all third parties, so they do not allow to identify the individual user who accesses the whistleblowing web portal.

The whistleblower is advised to periodically access the whistleblowing web portal to check for any requests for clarifications related to the report sent.

It is also possible to use the following alternative channels:
- e-mail:
    (i) Cerved Master Services S.p.A.: whistleblowingCMS@cerved.com;
    (ii) Cerved Rating Agency S.p.A.: whistleblowingCRA@cerved.com;
    (iii)  All other Companies of the Group: whistleblowing@cerved.com;

- ordinary mail to the addresses of each Company of the Group at the respective registered office (see the Contact section of the web site), to the attention of the "Whistleblowing System Manager".


The "Whistleblowing System Manager" is responsible for ensuring that the procedure for managing reports is carried out in compliance with the regulations and the Whistleblowing procedure, also ensuring that the checks relating to the report are carried out as quickly as possible and in compliance with the completeness and accuracy of the preliminary investigation activities.