What makes us different

Our philosophy is a blend of values and expertise, that inform the way we work every day …


 We support our people in order to anticipate the needs of our clients –both internal and external.

Collaboration across the board

 We believe that a diverse set of expertise and personalities. We encourage collaboration between our people, for the common good.

Responsibility for our decisions

 Where there are people there are actions. Where there are actions there are responsibilities. Our collaborators make decisions all the time, and answer for their choices, growing each day thanks to this experience.

Strategy execution

 We involve people at all levels of the company in our vision and strategic objectives.

Goals and results

 We are undoubtedly result-driven, even in the face of unexpected difficulty


 Empathy is crucial in understanding who we’re dealing with, each client is different, even if their goals are often the same. Listening, understanding, analysis and action are all part of a mature and responsible relationship.

Sense of business

 Business is an opportunity never to be missed. When we are not busy looking for it, we create it.

Personal development

 Motivation, ongoing encouragement and feedback, and training. This is what leads to excellent performance and unparalleled dynamism.


Training is key for Cerved. In 2016, more than 1500 people were trained and 1700 days spent for educational programs. A dedicate e-learning platform makes training accessible to everyone.


  • Well defined hiring process
  • Workplace training
  • Managerial training
  • Specialised training
  • Coaching

Selection criteria

We select people of value, who show ability and potential, open-minded and proactive. We help them strengthen they talent and we create the opportunities to express their potential.


  • 1. Job description
  • 2. Position posted
  • 3. CV Screening
  • 4. Assessment and/or interview with HR and managers
  • 5. HR tests
  • 6. Shadowing day in the company
  • 7. Inception
  • 8. Training

The selection process is on average 6 weeks long


  • 2,600 talent

Average headcount as of 31st December 2017