Cerved for Italy

Cerved for Italy is the commitment that gives substance to our purpose, “to help the Italian system protect itself from risk and grow sustainably, by putting our data, technology and talents at the service of individuals, businesses, banks and institutions”.

This is the commitment underpinning the Group’s growth strategy and animating our corporate social responsibility plans, through which we supplement our business with activities where our repository of data, analytics and technologies can be used to create added value for all our stakeholders.


We are a go-to company for national and international institutions

Thanks to our privileged understanding of the real economy – based on the most extensive repository of information on businesses, managers, real estate and on our many years of experience in data analytics -  Cerved has established itself as a go-to company for business analysis.

Every year we publish numerous studies and reports fostering market transparency and spreading the financial culture and useful information for regulators and institutions. Our studies provide a snapshot of the business risk, demographic trends, forecasts, capital markets potential and trends in non-performing loans.

Since 2014 we have published the Cerved SME Report, representing the most comprehensive analysis available in Italy on the Italian system of small and medium enterprises, containing insights into various issues such as Minibonds, Industry 4.0, family-run businesses and the role of institutional investors.

Cerved Rating Agency’s analyses, such as Credit Outlook, make it possible to assess the evolution of the creditworthiness of Italian businesses through the ratings assigned by the agency to thousands of Italian companies.

Our Sustainable Italy Report (April 2021) produced the first data-driven map for analysing Italy’s level of sustainability, in economic, social and environmental terms, and seeks to provide an objective measurement of sustainability-related issues and to encourage the assessment of the impacts of policies.

Thanks to this commitment, Cerved’s data and analyses are now widely used by national and international institutions, such the Bank of Italy, the OECD, Confindustria and ABI, to monitor developments in the Italian economy. Due to its privileged understanding of the world of SMEs and non-performing loans, Cerved is also one of the companies consulted by the International Monetary Fund pursuant to Article IV (country surveillance).


We want to help boost Italy’s productivity and growth

Thanks to the experience gained and the strategy developed for the next few years, Cerved is in a privileged position to support Italy in boosting its productivity and growth.

Our first commitment is to contribute to Italy’s digital transition.  We will do so by accelerating the growth of Italian businesses, with our digital marketing services, and by working with banks and businesses to develop forward-looking solutions based on advanced data and technologies to protect themselves from risk. Moreover, Cerved Digital Academy represents our contribution to increasing the digital skills of Italian businesses through an e-leaning platform and to facilitating digital transformation processes.

Our second important commitment is our contribution to the environmental transition. The boom in environmental finance and financial regulations require tools to measure ESG (environment, social, governance) performance to ensure that our SMEs are not excluded from these funds. With Cerved Rating Agency we can offer ESG assessments, scores and ratings to investors, banks and businesses to assess their counterparties, supplier chains or to self-assess and to gain easier access to funding. Our analytics, such as our hydro-seismic risk scores, can help Italy steer investments for protecting the territory.

Over the next few years, to boost recovery in productivity it will be necessary to route funding towards the most worthy and productive businesses. Our credit risk measurement systems, such as the Cerved Group Score, combined with the rest of our information, represent user-friendly tools for identifying priority criteria and helping banks and institutions to make informed decisions.